Sunday, August 9, 2015

Kenya Moore Reveals Her Latest Project: A Memoir
Between her early days as a beauty queen and her current gig spilling tea all over Real Housewives of Atlanta, fans may feel like they know everything about Kenya Moore, but the twirl-happy beauty is saving plenty of drama when she tells her life story. That’s right — Kenya’s writing a memoir.

The Detroit native, who has been frank with fans about being abandoned by her mother, her difficult childhood, and her rocky romantic history, is about to tell all when she finally puts pen to paper for her autobiography.

Kenya first announced the news during a Q+A session on Twitter, telling a fan she’s already written her life story.

While Kenya’s memoir may be the most anticipated thing she’s written since “Gone With the Wind Fabulous,” it’s not her only foray into the literary scene.

Just a few weeks ago, Kenya revealed, after finding a recent burst of inspiration (perhaps courtesy of her new relationship), she’s decided to write a book of poetry as well.

Even if Kenya’s career as a writer doesn’t help her join the ranks of Faulkner and Hemingway, she’s still got a backup plan — Kenya says she’s taking offers to host her own talk show into serious consideration.
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