Monday, July 7, 2014

With Dina Manzo Back, Now Danielle Staub Wants To Return To 'RHONJ'
Danielle Staub is campaigning hard to be a New Jersey housewife yet again. In a tweet posted on Saturday, July 5, Danielle claimed that she turned down the opportunity to return to "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" several times. Yet apparently her feelings on the show has changed because she also revealed that she wouldn't say no now.

A fan tweeted Danielle asking her what her conditions are to return to the show. Danielle admitted that she has no conditions and that it's up to the network Bravo and Andy Cohen to make a decision. She made sure to include Bravo and Andy's Twitter handles in her reply so that they would be notified of her tweet. When another person mentioned returning housewife Dina Manzo, someone else wrote that the producers only brought back Dina because Danielle declined the opportunity, which means Dina was a second choice.

When someone asked Danielle if that was true, Danielle confirmed that it is true that she declined several offers but added that she won't now. So far, she has not elaborated on why she declined earlier and what is so different now that she would go back.

Both Danielle and Dina starred on the show for the first two seasons and then left. The two often feuded during their time together. One fight even led to the infamous incident in which Teresa Giudice flipped a table. During season one, at a party hosted by Teresa and attended by all the housewives and their families, Danielle brought out the book "Cop Without a Badge," which details her scandalous past, and put it on the dinner table.

Danielle wanted to know who, with Dina Manzo being a suspect, had passed it around the salon in an attempt to damage her reputation. When Danielle yelled at Teresa in the ensuing argument, Teresa lost it, slammed her hands on the table and flipped it.

It has been reported before that Danielle Staub declined a very generous offer to return to "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" in order to pursue other opportunities. Perhaps those other opportunities didn't pan out?
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