Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lizzie Rovsek And Tamra Barney Have Major Drama AT RHOC Reunion
A source close to the show told our Real Mr. Housewife, “Tamra Judge puts Lizzie Rovsek in her place for lying and trying to turn the whole cast against her.”

Fans of RHOC may be wondering what went wrong?

Well this is where the SPOILER ALERT comes in play. If you don’t want to know what happens in upcoming episodes — don’t read the rest of this article.

If you don’t mind, here we go:

In an upcoming episode, viewers will see the drama began when Tamra didn’t attend Lizzie’s birthday party. Our source says, “Lizzie got pissed at Tamra for not attending. Tamra’s daughter was sick that evening, so she missed the party. But, Lizzie spent the rest of the season trying to get Tamra back by making her look bad. She even went as far as to yell at Tamra ‘You’re just jealous because Eddie wants to f**k me’ in front of the cast. She did this off-camera, but then later denied it when Tamra brought it up on camera. ”
An insider says Lizzie brought the drama because she was warned her storyline was boring and she might not be invited back next season.

Bravo doesn’t comment on spoilers. And, Tamra and Lizzie won’t comment about the show’s storyline.

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