Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lizzie Rovsek Responds To Slams Concerning 3-Year-Old Son Still Wearing Diapers
We’re a little bummed that we haven’t gotten to see much of newcomer Lizzie Rovsek on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. All we really know about Lizzie, who didn’t even show up until the fourth episode, is that she potentially wants another baby and that she looks amazing in a bikini. But in last night’s all-new episode, Lizzie got some hate from viewers when it was revealed that her oldest son — who is only 3 — still wears diapers.

“@LizzieRovsek maybe u should get ur mind off a 3rd baby til u can take care of the ones u got...ur boy shouldn't be in a diaper!” one fan tweeted at the reality star. All Lizzie said in response was that her kid was just three years old. When another fan tweeted in support, Lizzie responded: “My boys are my life. Sorry won't be on twitter tonight & reading crap about my parenting. My boys are 2 & 3 for all concerned.” Tell ‘em, girlfriend!

We think it’s pretty mean to attack Lizzie for her parenting skills — especially when we don’t know the entire situation. From what we’ve seen so far this season, Lizzie is a great mom and she has a great family support system with her husband and her mom.

This isn’t the first time someone’s parenting has been attacked during this season of RHOC. Veteran star Vicki Gunvalson got some hate from viewers a few weeks back when she was filmed with her grandson, Troy, and he was crawling around her house while she was busy doing other things. After getting some hate on Twitter, Vicki responded: “Are you serious? I had a nanny there at all times who wasn't filmed. I would never put my grandson in harms way. Shame on you. I put Troy in his playpen when I needed to. He was always being watched! I got this people!”
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