Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Carole Radziwill Thinks Aviva Drescher Has A Mental Illness

Carole Radziwill may want to very careful around Aviva Drescher on the next season of "The Real Housewives of New York City," if both women return. That's because Aviva is likely to have it out for her after reading what she wrote about her on her blog entry, posted on Wednesday, June 25. 
The latest episode of the show was a continuation of the housewives' trip to Montana. Not all of the housewives were there. Aviva didn't go on the trip because she claimed that she had asthma and was advised by her doctor not to go. In the previous episode, Kristen Taekman got into a big argument with Aviva because she did not believe the asthma claim, believing instead that Aviva was just making it up or at least exaggerating her condition because she simply didn't want to go.

Carole made it clear in her blog that Kristen isn't the only housewife who believes that Aviva lied. Carole wrote that no one, not even Ramona Singer, who has had Aviva's back throughout much of the season, believes that Aviva has asthma. Carole pointed out that Aviva has a poor track record with the women, reminding everyone that Aviva made a big deal about going on the group trips on the last season because of her various phobias, namely fear of flying and heights.

Carole even revealed that Heather Thomson actually asked Aviva about her phobias in the current season but Aviva told her to shut up and that "that [phobias] was last season." Carole also pointed out that the air quality in Missoula is actually pretty good. 

Carole doesn't only believe that Aviva is a liar, she also believes that Aviva has a mental illness! Carole wrote that she's "positive" that Aviva has Munchausen, a condition in which the person fakes a physical or mental disorder for attention and sympathy. "She gets attention from her medical ailments," concludes Carole.

Aviva Drescher's response to Carole Radziwill saying that she has Munchausen would likely be the same as the one that she had for Kristen Taekman. After Aviva's argument with Kristen aired, Aviva tweeted that the appropriate response for Kristen would have been to tell her to feel better, not to immediately accuse her of lying. When a fan wrote that if someone's first reaction to an issue is to accuse another of lying, it just shows that they're projecting and not honest themselves, Aviva replied that she agrees completely.
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