Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Phaedra Parks and Husband Apollo Nida Spotted Filming For 'RHOA' Season 6

It’s a beautiful July day in the ATL!  What a lovely day to take your kids to the park  to visit with the father who will soon be off to the pokey. And of course the Bravo cameras are there to capture it all on film. This afternoon, Phaedra, Apollo and their sons the Mayor of Toronto and the President of Sudan or whatever are at Chastain park having a custody visit. Phaedra came in her car, Apollo came in his car, the nanny came in her car.

There is Bravo crew everywhere. This scene reminds me of the time Sheree and Bob went there to talk and Sheree assaulted him with a drink. Hopefully this scene will go a bit better. Whatever could the storyline be? A divorce discussion?  A scene for Phaedra to deny any knowledge of Apollo’s criminal ways? A scene where Phaedra says she is selling the house and moving to Athens?

I’m starting to think that the answer to Apollo’s questions, “Who will ride with me?” will be the entire Bravo crew. It looks like they are going to follow him all season long right until he goes behind bars.  While Phaedra and Apollo still pretend like they live together?  Will Phaedra pretend to stand by her man?

One thing is now official. Apollo is on next season and Phaedra is too. Part of me thought maybe Phaedra would be too embarrassed to show her face, or maybe she would want to deal with her problems quietly. But no. I think we can expect lots of church scenes with prayer cloths and book signings for the ridiculous etiquette book.
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