Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ramona Singer Says She Thought LuAnn de Lesseps Was a Drag Queen When They First Met
It was only the first of a three-part reunion for the ladies of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” and things were already getting crazy. When LuAnn de Lesseps’ unflattering nickname, “LuMan,” came up, Ramona Singer revealed that she genuinely thought de Lesseps was a drag queen when she first met her, because there were a lot of gay people around.

“If I didn't love drag queens so much, I would be offended,” de Lesseps said in response. She had thought only Sonja Morgan had used the nickname, but video footage showed Singer using it as well to refer to her.

Morgan was the primary target of the night, though, with some left over for Aviva Drescher, who notoriously threw her prosthetic leg in last week's season finale. Morgan was called “delusional” by virtually every other housewife, save Drescher, at one point or another during the hour.

When Morgan claimed that her husband worked for P. Diddy and had Diddy on her yacht as a guest, they jumped on her to remind her that she doesn't have a yacht right now. Kristen Taekman got so worked up that she jumped up and started singing, “Delusional.”

Drescher tried to jump to Morgan's defense, only to get knocked back herself. When the group started talking about Sonja's claims that she'd slept with Carole Radziwell's boyfriend, Russ, Aviva said, “Carole and Russ had an open relationship.”

Radziwell shut her down immediately, denying the claim and calling her “ridiculous.”

Next week, it looks like Singer goes on the defensive when Andy Cohen asks about her ex-husband Mario. She gets indignant that he would even ask about her personal life in this way, while he reminds her that she's the one who chose to put her personal and sex life on television in a reality show, making the query fair game.
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