Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lizzie Rovsek’s Leaked Texts About Tamra Barney, Says Tamra Lied About Why She Couldn't Attend B-Day Party
Yesterday, Tamra Barney attempted to save face with The Real Housewives of Orange County fans by writing a lengthy Facebook post defending her actions in the previous night's episode.

Essentially, Tamra claimed producers on the show convinced her to ditch Lizzie Rovsek's birthday party at the last minute without providing any details.
Barney says her daughter was ill and she'd intended to give Lizzie plenty of advance notice, but Bravo wanted the drama of a last-minute flake-out.

Today, Radar Online has obtained texts sent from Lizzie to Tamra revealing that Rovsek thinks Barney skipped the celebration because she felt like it.

Worse, Tamra stands accused of convincing fellow cast member Vicki Gunvalson to fake a yeast infection in order to giver her an excuse to stay home.

"I honestly wouldn't have cared if you just didn't want to go," Lizzie texted. "The general vibe I got from everyone, producers included, was that you just didn't want to be there."

Then Lizzie pulls out the big guns, and accuses Tamra of a totally gross violation of girl code:

"The whole yeast infection thing you told Vivki to tell producers wasn't very nice."

Not very nice, indeed. Did she have to go with such a TMI excuse? It was already bad enough that Tamra told everyone about her bedroom quirks.  
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