Friday, August 27, 2010

Charles Ommanney Talks "Real Housewives of D.C." & Divorce From Cat
EARLIER this summer, as he stood alone in the lobby of Washington’s Mandarin Oriental hotel with a packed car parked out front, there was no one to say goodbye to Charles Ommanney despite a decade of life in the city. Six months earlier, he had a wife; two children; three dogs; a house in Chevy Chase, Md.; and a gaggle of cameras following him around. 

Every Thursday night, you can still see that earlier version of Charles Ommanney’s life, like a “Twilight Zone” episode in which, in a strange quirk of post-modernity, his previous life continues to play out in real time even as his current life runs in the opposite direction. That’s because Mr. Ommanney, on Bravo at least, is Cat Ommanney’s spouse on “The Real Housewives of D.C.” 

“I haven’t seen it, but I’ve seen the previews and I made a promise to myself to not sit and watch my ex-wife,” Mr. Ommanney, sounding miserable, said by telephone from Miami. “It’s just too painful. I’ve got eight more weeks of hundreds of Facebook requests from people I don’t know. I’d almost like to go and live in Katmandu. I have very few regrets in my life, but this is the one.” Once, he points out, if you Googled “Ommanney,” you would have discovered three centuries of naval admirals going back to his great-great-great-grandfather. Now you find rumors about the marriage breakup and snarky tattling on the show.
With all the talk about Cat possibly being a racist I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt early on, but last night's episode, what with how she handled herself at the Salahi's winery, proved that while she's no racist, she's definitely a bitch. That said, is anyone surprised that she's now getting divorced? If it's one-n-done for Cat Ommanney I don't think that anyone will miss her.


  1. Cathy can be racist . She tends to hate blacks but "keeps a few" as friends just to remain cool .

    Both Charles and Stephen can count themselves lucky they are rid of this lady. How could any guy fall for her? She is a drug fueled ex hostess (hooker) who steals of friends.

    she has not one page on the internet to back up any claims of "interior design" Even her web page link is empty !

    Cathy set off in her quest to "social climb" many years ago. she was a troubled daughter who had issues at school. Whilst coming from a very educated family Cathy has learned that lying and cheating is a far quicker way of getting what you want. Cathy cheated on Charles like she did with Stephen . But the difference was The man she cheated with whilst been married to Stephen was one of his friends . Charles Ommanney is not a friend of the man Cathy cheated with . But he will know who of him etc .

  2. Wow, you make a lot of allegations that sound off-the-wall. A little proof about one of them would be nice.

    Usually, if those types of things are true (drugs and being a hooker), there will be a lot of people coming out of the woodwork to confirm it, as happened with Danielle Staub. You are the first from which I've heard these things about Cat.

    It is easy to espew a lot of nonsense under the guise of anonymity, but karma is a bitch.

  3. LOL Susan, what did you think the "trouble" before the show started was? This is a woman who made out with a child to get publicity...she is a girl is too high a praise for her.

  4. He was my upstairs neighbor when he got to town and just recognized him during the next to last episode.LMAO.

    Cat cheating-he deserves it. He is a meglomaniac AND APPARENTLY HIS BODY HAS BECOME AS INFLATED AS HIS EGO-hence no recognition.

    Nobody to bid him farewell-it should be GOOD RIDDANCE.

    Unfortunately our paths crossed often and we never had one conversation. My daughter's point of reference concerning Charles was that I could not remember his name and tried a variety before addressing him--no fluff head here-Ivy grad here. Equally as accomplished as "Charles" but without alley cat morals!!
    During his residence he was known for bedding young women-and I mean young!!!

    He cheated, consistently on his first wife who lives in Florida-IS HE GOINGT TO LICK HIS WOUNDS??


    Rather you like or dislike Cat-which is completely inappropriate-judging Cat re the personna she displays on television, is irrelevant.

    He was always gone (certainly not alone-if you go for aged, overweight "pretty boys,"with bad skin)and if you rewatch episodes where he has a brief role--HE TELLS HIS WIFE TO HAVE A GOOD WEEK AND SHE HAS TO ASK FOR HIS SCHEDULE, HE IS TOTAL ICE MAN.

    Hence past judgment on Cat with a faulty/non-existant information base, but trust me: There is always 3 sides to a story-his, hers and the truth.

    My money is on Charles for once again screwing up someone's life--not to mention two young girls moving to a new country for a cardboard cutout of a man.

  5. I love Cat. More people should call people out. When did America lose freedom of speech? And hell ya 23K in med bills. When in Rome do as the Romans, smile and blink away!!!!!!! Oh yeah do like every other housewife (teresa) charge it up and go bankrupt! Maybe then she could get a bail out. Edwina rogers is a loser.

  6. Charles has many issues, One been class A drugs.

    But Cathy went to America and used Charles hoping her past would not catch her up.

    I know she worked as a Hostess. I know she dated Drug dealers in Marlborough and LOndon. I know she stole from many partners and friends .

    Cathy is a social climber who will walk over anyone. If you only know her from the USA then you have no idea of the things she has done.

    some know the truth and others just make it up.

    Look at the lack of facts she presents about been with Prince Harry . Not one single photograph exists of them leaving the club as she claimed . DESPITE there been a small army of press photographers outside

    keep believing her shit !