Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catherine Ommanney Quits US After Claims Of Racism On Reality TV


She is a 38-year-old London socialite who once claimed to have shared a passionate kiss with Prince Harry.

But after moving to Washington DC to build a new life with her award-winning White HouseUS after falling foul of reality TV. photographer husband, Catherine Ommanney has found herself a figure of hate in the

The interior designer signed up to appear in The Real Housewives Of DC, the fifth instalment of a series which follows the lives of affluent housewives and professional women in America.

It was filmed last year and went on air this month, but Ms Ommanney complains she has been made to look like a “stuck-up cow” and a racist.
I hate it when 'Housewives' blame the camera's for the way they're portrayed. I don't believe for a second that Catherine is racist, but does she do some inappropriate things? Yeah, like leaving Stacie's Aunt Frances' home without saying goodbye to Stacie was far worse than her comments on Tyra Banks (which I didn't have a problem with at all). And is she now gonna blame Bravo for her marriage breaking up too? 'Housewives' who blame "reality TV" for peopel not liking them really need to spend some time in the mirror.


  1. Cat was boring and too stupid to even know how to pretend to play nice. Couldn't stand her phony posh accent. Good riddance!

  2. Cat was boring. Nothing really interesting about her. No loss.

  3. Yeah I don't think Cat was racist, she just appeared to be uncomfortable around black people-but even some Americans (and D.C. residents) are that way sometimes- so I can't hold that against her. On another note, she IS incredibly rude to nearly everyone she speaks to-no matter their race- which says a lot about her as a person. While I applaud anyone who is brave enough to "speak their mind;" there is a time and a place for everything...and something we Americans refer to as "tact."

  4. Cat..be honest...you didn't quit because you were accused of being a racist. You have a criminal record in the UK, a former escort who had elaborate "coke" parties and didn't have a work visa while here. You cheated on your first husband and cheated on Charles. There was also a scandal with Prince Harry and "somebody" sold the story to the British Tabloids...hmm. So let's not have people feeling sorry for you, Cat. Perhaps you were only honest when it came to certain things. We'll miss you Cat..NOT...just being honest. I'm sure you're glad that you're back in the UK.

  5. One thing Cathy is not is "stupid" She is clever.... very clever. She fooled the USA. Got her moment of fame and will milk it for the rest of her life.

    Its her daughters i feel sorry for.

    Cathy will not be that happy about been back in London. People KNOW her there. The lies , the business deals she milks and runs away from.

    I can imagine her Step father laughing his head off at all this. He was never one to be fooled by her lies.

    Cathy should learn from her Sister Helen on how to earn respect and make friends .

  6. Will US authorities let her back into the US . She failed to inform them of her UK CRIMINAL RECORD

    It is a legal requirement to inform them of ANY offense EVER.

  7. black people always blame it on the racism.

  8. Cat didn't quit because of "racism." If there is anyone to blame it is Cat. She has to take responsibility for her actions. I feel sorry for Charles. @Karma, didn't she say she used Charles for her meal ticket to the US? He's too good for her.

    I don't know if she'll be able to come back to the US or not. She did lie about her criminal past.

    Oh well, I guess time will tell.

  9. Charles is a great man and I am so sorry that his name will now be tarnished by this stupid cow. I hope we never have to hear about her again.

  10. I really hope this freak leaves the U.S. She is a mean and ugly woman in all respects. As for Charles.... It takes two to tango. He is a middle aged man that knew that a certain distance was required for his job.
    He'll be better off without this loud rude old hag. Hope he makes better choices and she gets what she deserves.

  11. Does anyone know when Cat's birtday is; just the month and day?

  12. All you Cat haters are nothing but jealous bollocks!! Get a life and stop HATING, it’s just a dam reality show. Love you Cat, wish you the best here or back in London!! ;)

    peace, luv and huggz…..

  13. I think she says it how it is and I loved when she said bullocks!!!! Lol I wish she would come back!!
    By the way Charles isn't so great!! I think he is a dick who was never there!! Please Cat come back!! I won't watch it without her!! They should get that wedding crasher to bet it!! That liar!! BULLOCKS!! All you cat haters!! If you like to see the women who broke into the white house better than Cat maybe you should get some therpist.
    Love you cat I'm a mom and I say Bullocks to men like Charles!!

  14. The word is 'Bollocks'. In its most literal form it is a crude term for testicles. However it is also generally used in the same contexts that Americans would use the term bullshit.