Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catherine Ommanney Quits US After Claims Of Racism On Reality TV


She is a 38-year-old London socialite who once claimed to have shared a passionate kiss with Prince Harry.

But after moving to Washington DC to build a new life with her award-winning White HouseUS after falling foul of reality TV. photographer husband, Catherine Ommanney has found herself a figure of hate in the

The interior designer signed up to appear in The Real Housewives Of DC, the fifth instalment of a series which follows the lives of affluent housewives and professional women in America.

It was filmed last year and went on air this month, but Ms Ommanney complains she has been made to look like a “stuck-up cow” and a racist.
I hate it when 'Housewives' blame the camera's for the way they're portrayed. I don't believe for a second that Catherine is racist, but does she do some inappropriate things? Yeah, like leaving Stacie's Aunt Frances' home without saying goodbye to Stacie was far worse than her comments on Tyra Banks (which I didn't have a problem with at all). And is she now gonna blame Bravo for her marriage breaking up too? 'Housewives' who blame "reality TV" for peopel not liking them really need to spend some time in the mirror.