Friday, May 2, 2014

Tamra Barney Wants Another Child
While Tamra Barney’s ex-husband Simon Barney claims she’s an unfit mother to the children she already has, the blonde beauty weighed the merits of having more on Monday’s edition of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

And her new husband, Eddie Judge, wishes she’d just be quiet about it, as the fitness hunk hit the roof after learning that Barney, 45, had told friend Heather Dubrow that she wanted another child.

While at a dinner party thrown by new housewife Shannon Beador, Dubrow took Judge aside to reveal that after having lunch with Barney, she knew the housewife had a baby on the brain.

On last week’s episode, Barney had cried to Dubrow and Beador that she was upset because her 50/50 custody situation with Simon made her feel like a part-time mom — and so she wanted to have a child with Judge.

As Radar has extensively reported, bombshell court documents have showed Simon is trying to change their custody arrangement, claiming Barney has neglected their three kids. Barney has staunchly denied his charges while daughter Sidney, 15, has reportedly said in court papers that the reality star was emotionally abusive.

Still, while she was filming the current housewife season, Barney seemed to want another baby on board!

On Monday’s show, Dubrow was shown blabbing to Judge, “She’s worried that you want a kid. And you’ve always been very clear, I think, that you don’t.

“She got really upset and she started talking about how her kids leave her 50 percent of the time. [And] if she had a kid with you, it wouldn’t leave.”

In a confessional segment, busybody Dubrow then said, “Tamra has always said that it was Eddie that wants a baby. It’s really Tamra and I don’t think she’s being honest with Eddie about that.”

When cameras cut back to Dubrow’s discussion with Judge, she told him Barney “cried. She got really upset. She was very emotional about it.”

Judge told Dubrow, noncommittally, “It’s not an easy decision to make.”

But later at the party, the hunky fitness coach told Barney, “I was having a good time until Heather hit me up about this conversation you had with her. [She said] you broke down in tears and told her you were thinking about having a kid because 50 percent of the time, our kids are not with us and you are missing that and that’s why you feel like we need to have a kid.”

Barney cried, “Why was she talking to you? She SAID that to you?”

Barney told the cameras, “I think it’s wrong and I think it’s hurtful to take a conversation I had with her and turn around and tell Eddie.”

Judge told wife Barney sternly, as tears filled her eyes, “It’s none of her business. I’d like to keep it between us so please don’t share this stuff with your friends.”

Later, when Barney went to Vicki Gunvalson’s house for Thanksgiving, the RHOC mother hen was babysitting her grandson, Troy. Seeing the little boy crawling around the kitchen, Barney gushed to the cameras, “It makes me want to have a baby. They’re so cute and sweet and full of love.”
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