Monday, May 19, 2014

Brandi Glanville Blames Being Homeless on Ex-Boyfriend Jonathan Ruiz: "Don't Date Your Real Estate Agent"
Brandi Glanville wouldn’t be the same Brandi Glanville we know, love, fear, and shake our heads at if she stopped throwing shade at people online. No worries there. 

We know the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star (and upcoming Celebrity Apprentice feuder) has been having real estate drama, since she tweeted about moving out on April 30, with no idea of where she was moving next. 

Apparently the situation has not improved, since she tweeted on May 15, “@TheAgencyRE -Word to the wise- if you dont want to be homeless maybe don't date your real estate agent! #thisiscrazy.”

Of course, that word to the wise was tweeted to The Agency, which is owned by Kyle Richards' husband Mauricio Umansky. That’s also where Brandi’s real estate agent ex-boyfriend Jonathan Ruiz works. Brandi actually met Jonathan through Mauricio, and now she’s dragged the Househusband’s company into her own on-and-off romance drama.

RHOBH viewers saw Brandi find a place with Jonathan last season, but she had to start her house hunt all over again in December 2013. She was renting her home and the people who owned it wanted to sell, even though she had only been there nine months. Then she updated at the end of April about moving with nowhere to go. 

It sounds like a tough situation to be in but, as usual, fans had a lot to say about Brandi’s drama and her decision to tweet about it (again).

One commenter, who also tagged Kyle Richards, wrote, "you ARE YOUR CHOICES. BG exceeds In making the WRONG ONES." Another wrote, "a word to the wise- don't include your ‘BFF's husband's company in a negative tweet. Smh. @KyleRichards18." Another, adding Mauricio's personal handle, wrote, "She's throwing shade at JR, nothing against @MauricioUmansky firm. She needs to get out of an exclusive IMO."

Here are more: "how about buy your own house and not depend on men to keep you and your children in a home. #nytimesbestseller," "u just moved, I'm confused. did an offer fall thru? is ur agent not on top of things? find a different agent,” “good advice. What would your real estate agent have to do with her being homeless?Not his fault,” and "oh no so sorry! @MauricioUmansky can't step up and help?"

How excited must Kyle and Mauricio be to see their names repeatedly brought into the conversation? But they must be used to it by now. And whatever else you want to say about Brandi, you can’t say she’s boring. She keeps her followers occupied, that’s for sure. Maybe her next book should be called Drinking & Moving.
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