Thursday, May 8, 2014

Danielle Staub Accuses Dina Manzo Of Forging Husband’s Signature On Bravo Contract
The long-simmering drama between former Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars Danielle Staub and Dina Manzo reignited on Tuesday night, after Staub accused Manzo of forgery, has learned.

Staub set things off by responding to a Twitter follower’s claims that Manzo forged her ex-husband’s name on the RHONJ release forms, so that their daughter Lexi could appear on the show.

“Dina wanted to be on and her husband wasn’t willing to film the show. She needed her kid on so she could look good,” Staub, 51, wrote.

In another tweet, she alleged that the “forgery of a legal document… involving a joint parental decision” got Manzo fired after Season Two.

Manzo, who will be returning for the show’s upcoming sixth season, fought back against Staub’s claims, writing, “Silly lies about me will not get you back on bravo Danielle! I’m a lover not a fighter.”

“I was never asked to have my ex sign papers. I didn’t forge anything!” she continued.

But one fan noted that Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney Judge was barred from having her children on their show because her ex-husband Simon Barney wouldn’t sign off on the Bravo paperwork.

Manzo claims her husband’s missing signature “was an oversight.”

“My ex was fine [with] it,” Manzo, 42, tweeted. “Never tried to cause trouble even though he was encouraged to. Bottom line is he was fine with her shooting & knew the whole time.”
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