Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lynne Curtin Goes from 'Real Housewives' to Mom of a Suicide Girl and a Porn Star

If you were paying attention when Lynne Curtin was on 'RHOC' this bit of news should come as no surprise. Besides the serious lack of parental guidance in the home, every time they appeared on screen both her daughters proved to be extremely dumb, rude, abrasive and materialistic. Any wonder the end justifies the means:
Considering the children of some former cast members of the Real Housewives of Orange County wind up in jail, props to Seasons 4-5 star Lynne Curtin for having two working daughters. And like mom, they are finding fame in front of cameras, as one is a Suicide Girl pin-up and the other is a porn star.

Lynne Curtin proved to be a real piece of work on Real Housewives. She and her then-husband Frank's pending eviction was rolled into the plotline, and a judge later served both a bench warrant for failing to appear in court to answer questions relating to a $1.2 million judgment they were ordered to pay to a former business partner. 

As the couple's finances were crumbling, Lynne still managed to afford plastic surgery. After leaving the show, and while divorcing Frank, she claimed to be broke, having less than $100 to her name.
So perhaps that is what has spurred Raquel, Lynne's oldest daughter, and Alexa, the youngest, to show off their moneymakers.

You can see much more of Raquel the Suicide Girl--an adult lifestyle brand redefining beauty with "unique pin-up girls and active, smart online community"--via her Instagram account: @suttinsuicide_. 

To check out barely legal Alexa Curtin, who performs under the name Jayden Taylors, you're going to have to go into full NSFW mode over at @jaydentaylors. Having Sex with the In-Laws is among her porn titles and Coed Cherry and Nubiles are among the sites that host her but, honestly, just type "jayden taylors" into Mr. Google and you'll find she's on so many XXX websites you'll develop carpal tunnel from ... uh ... clicking Next Page.
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