Saturday, May 3, 2014

Brandi Glanville Claims She's Homeless
Brandi Glanville just can’t stay still. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently finished taping her stint on Celebrity Apprentice — which we can’t wait to see — and was just down in Florida for a book signing. Now she’s back home, but home isn’t even staying home for long.

As Brandi tweeted on April 30, “Moving out! Not sure where were going but we are in good hands with @MeatheadMovers.” Wait, you’re not sure where you’re going? Do the movers know where they’re going, at least? No update on that, although Brandi did helpfully add, “371 the estimated times I said f-ck or f-cker today while packing-moving.” So there you go — if it’s your turn to document Brandi’s daily f-bombs, there’s your tally.

Moving is a pain in the butt, so we can’t really judge those 371 effers. In March, Brandi tweeted about getting a home loan, which certainly hinted to another big move. In late December, she explained that she rented her home, and the owners of the house decided they wanted to sell. "We have only been here 9 months, grrrr," she wrote at the time.

Those months started about a year ago — in early April 2013 — when Brandi said she had 20 days left to find a house after a rent hike pushed her out of her previous home. At the time, Brandi wasn't at the point where she could buy a home and she said an issue with renting was getting permission from the landlord to film in the home for RHOBH.

But since Brandi seems to have recently gone through a home loan process, maybe she can now buy her own place and stay there for a long time, instead of having to relocate herself (and of course her two sons) once again. It’s bad enough if she has to hear “you’re fired” from Donald Trump, it’s even worse if she has to hear it from still another house!
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