Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tamra Barney Slammed by Creepy Slade Smiley as a ‘Trashy, Lying, Cheating Adulterer’
Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley aren’t even on The Real Housewives of Orange County any more, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t stirring up drama with the other housewives! After Tamra Barney was accused of neglecting her children in her bitter custody battle with ex-husband Simon Barney, Rossi and Smiley were quick to weigh in, reigniting their long-simmering feud. Barney fought back, and now Smiley is standing up for himself and his fiancée, telling exclusively that Barney’s comments have been “disgusting,” and he predicts that she will eventually be fired from the hit Bravo show!

“I don’t know what her problem is,” Rossi’s fiancé told Radar about Baney’s since-deleted Tweet calling Smiley a “f**cker” and a “deadbeat  with a sick son.”

“She sucks off people.  I’d like to see her accomplish something in her life,” he said. “I am disgusted she would make an accusation about me as a father.”

Smiley insisted Barney has no clue about his relationship with his son, who has been diagnosed with cancer, and how he has been financially supporting him.

“Tamra has no knowledge of what is going on in my life!” he said. “She doesn’t know my son and she doesn’t know what I do for him.  When I was on Housewives I had them pay my son’s foundation directly. 

If, say, I got a $20,000 check for a reunion show, it would go straight to the foundation, not to me.”

In addition, Smiley was adamant that he and Rossi do not sell stories about their former castmates, and slammed Barney’s efforts to exploit his child’s illness.

“All Tamra was trying to do was to get my ex on the show,” he claimed.

As for Barney’s custody battle, and his comments on it, Smiley said, “I don’t know why we’ve been brought into everything. Simon is not the one claiming she is neglecting her children. Doctors and therapists are submitting claims of child neglect. They’re the ones saying that she verbally abused her kids and they don’t want to stay with her. These are professional people saying this.”

Recalling his own experiences with Barney, he said, “I have never seen Tamra with her kids. I am not surprised because I bet they are having the same experience that … I had. Tamra is more interested in fame than being a parent. I’ve been to plenty of events that were not filmed and she was never with her kids.”

Ultimately, Smiley said he predicts that Barney will eventually be dumped from Bravo’s original Housewives franchise.

“Tamra WILL be fired in the future,” he told Radar. “She is a trashy, lying, cheating adulterer that will be leaving.”
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