Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Porsha Williams - "Flatline" (Official Video)

Wow — Porsha Williams's full video for her single, "Flatline," just hit the Internet and it is pretty intense. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star definitely did not hold back in this clearly autobiographical video that basically documents her relationship with ex-husband, Kordell Stewart.

The film stars actor Cordell Moore in the husband role, and the similarities don't stop at the familiar first name. In the last few scenes, we see Porsha receiving a call from her mother before she checks her computer to realize that her husband is divorcing her. Sound familiar? That's exactly how Porsha found out that Kordell was filing for divorce in real life. 

But, we already knew that part. If the rest of the video is also true, then Porsha is making some serious accusations against her former spouse. The dude in the video is both verbally and physically abusive toward Porsha's character.

In fact, Porsha has come forward to admit that Kordell was abusive to her during their marriage. Kordell denied the accusations, but Porsha insists that the story depicted in the video is true. In fact, she even said that what really happened between her and Kordell was actually worse than what you see in the video.
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