Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cynthia Bailey Claims Porsha Williams Plays Both Sides of the Gay Community
Cynthia Bailey of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is speaking out about a racist comment that Porsha Williams just made. On Tuesday, TMZ shared that Cynthia says that Porsha is playing both sides of the gay community. One day she will talk bad about them and the next day she will be on their side. This is obviously not okay. She even performs at gay clubs sometimes.

This all started when a video came out where Porsha is preaching a sermon. She starts out talking about how God gave us his son and it sounds like a normal sermon. Then she goes on to talk about how Christian's should tell drug dealers, hookers, and gay and lesbian people about God. She thinks that Christian's should share their thoughts and help save them.

Cynthia shared her thoughts and said, "To put gays and lesbians in the same category as drug dealers, hookers, and people who attempt suicide is ignorant and insensitive. Especially when she just recently profited from performing at a popular gay club in NYC. #flipflop." She is obviously not happy at all with the way that Porsha is handling herself. Porsha did speak out later saying they didn't show the entire sermon so it was taken out of context.

NeNe Leakes actually called Cynthia a flip flopper not long ago so it is interesting she would choose that word to use. She went to her blog on Bravo saying that Cynthia Bailey is a flip flopper and also a sell out. She was not very happy that Cynthia was mad at her six months after something happened just because that was when it happened to air on television. NeNe had even apologized to her, but of course it was brought up again on "RHOA" during the reunion show that she had called her a "b***h" months ago.
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