Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tamra Barney Predicts, ‘I’m Going To Win’ Vicious Custody Battle With Ex-Husband Simon
Tamra Barney Judge said her bitter custody battle with ex-husband Simon Barney has been devastating — but vowed with confidence that she would prevail.

That’s what The Real Housewives of Orange County star told host Andy Cohen on Monday night’s Watch What Happens Live.

“My ex is suing me for 100 percent custody of the kids and it’s probably been one of the most devastating times in my life because these are my children. What kind of father does that unless the mother is a drug addict or something?” said Barney, who was joined on the show by TV shrink Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Still, she said defiantly, gesturing to herself as Dr. Drew spoke over her, “I’m going to win, 100 percent.”

As Radar has extensively reported, bombshell court documents have showed Simon is trying to change their custody arrangement, claiming Barney has neglected their three kids. Barney has staunchly denied his charges while daughter Sidney, 15, has reportedly said in court papers that the reality star was emotionally abusive. (Radar learned that the couple recently was ordered into mediation on the matter.)

“Honestly, in his declaration, which he knew was going to be public, he said some really nasty things about me,” Barney complained to Cohen on Monday night’s talk show.

When asked by Dr. Drew if anything was factual, she said, “No! And my thing is — for somebody that’s trying to keep his kids — ‘cause he doesn’t want the kids on the show … why would you do something like that?

“There were stories out there about my children that were just horrific. It’s been hard; it’s been sad; I’ve been crying for a week. I’ve been in a place, Andy, that I haven’t been in 25 years,” said the blonde reality TV beauty, who has claimed to have attempted suicide in the past.

“They’re my kids and that’s my life. You just don’t do that.”

Barney said that she tried not to speak about her children on the show, as per her agreement with Simon.
But she added of her youngest daughter, “Sophia is my little star: she’s my little Mini-Me.

“She wants to be on the show, she loves the limelight, the spotlight. She’s a singer, a performer and we wanted to try to get her on the show but it just didn’t work out.”
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