Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NeNe Leakes Shares Why Marlo Hampton Was Never Asked To Be A Housewife
Have you heard the tragic news? Professional pot-stirrer Marlo Hampton was once again not offered a spot on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We know, right? How could Bravo pass up an opportunity to work with this living legend?!

The good news? Marlo is featured in NeNe Leakes' spin-off wedding special, I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding. In fact, she's one of NeNe's bridesmaids, and yeah –– girlfriend brought all kinds of deranged drama to the nuptials. 

Nene recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Marlo was one of the most difficult people she had to deal with while planning her wedding, and thinks her bad 'tude is the reason she didn't nab a spot on The Real Housewives of Atlanta after she appeared as a “friend” of the H’wives in Season 4..

"The most difficult people were Marlo Hampton and Diana Gowins," NeNe said. "When I say difficult, it was unbelievable that they could not step outside of themselves and say that this is a wedding for NeNe, our friend, and let’s just be here to support her. They argued most of the time, they were never really satisfied.

They were very difficult in different ways. After working with Marlo on the show, I could see why she was not a housewife, because she’s super difficult. She’s super extra."

Fans were shocked that Marlo wasn't invited to be a housewife, but NeNe hardly seems surprised. "When Marlo and I worked on Real Housewives, she was just appearing here and there," she explains. "When we worked on I Dream of Nene, I could see her business sense, and it just wasn’t attractive…. They [Nene and Diana] forgot that the word bridesmaid ends in 'maid.' Just wear what I ask you to wear, just do that.”
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