Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cynthia Bailey Barbie Doll To Be Released This Week
Just in time for Christmas — the Cynthia Bailey doll has hit the shelves! The supermodel-turned-Real Housewives of Atlanta-star has her own Barbie, complete with a mess of jet black, curly hair, a black leather jacket (we’re guessing faux leather!), and a white tank top that reads “The Bailey Agency”.

Once you get a role on one of these shows you can create an entire brand. Cynthia recently penned a book and now this. What’s next  world domination? Hey, anything’s possible after becoming a part of the Real Housewives franchise.

One has to wonder whether Cynthia is making positive decisions, though, especially in light of the fact that she has made public that she wants to be a positive role model for teen girls. In fact, she said that was part of the Bailey Agency mission when she created it, as she wanted to improve teen girls’ self-esteem.

Recently, Cynthia tweeted plans to lose 20 pounds on the DNA diet, despite the fact that she clearly doesn’t need to shed any weight. Now she’s created her own Barbie doll complete with zero percent body fat? It seems like she’s sending mixed messages, but who are we to judge?

Interestingly enough, she recently posted an Instagram photo of herself on HLN’s Raising America, and she exchanged those long curls for a super short pixie cut. We all know how that went for Beyonce!
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