Sunday, October 6, 2013

Heather Dubrow Talks About Her Acting Career and Building a New House
We know that filming The Real Housewives of Orange County can be quite an ordeal, but luckily for Heather Dubrow, she’s got a little bit of time off since the season recently wrapped up. But don’t expect this busy mom and celebrity personality to just kick back and relax — she’s got a lot going on!

Heather and her hubby Terry are currently building a new house, but it’s been a long process. “We are hoping to break ground in November,” Heather told Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively. “Assuming we go on for Season 9, you’ll be seeing a lot of [the building] on the show.”

But forget the house, Heather’s busy with her four darling kids! “Colette’s in school now for three hours a day, which sounds great but it’s really no time at all,” Heather said. “I drop her off, I go to the gym, I run one errand and I go back and get her.”

On top of her mom duties, Heather is also balancing a blossoming acting career. “I’m still doing a lot of scripted work. I’m doing a part on Hawaii Five-O — I have to go to Hawaii in a couple weeks, which is fun. I have been filling in as a co-host on Good Day L.A. recently so we have a lot of stuff like that going on so I’m busy.”

If you’re doing the math, Heather doesn’t exactly have a lot of time for herself. “Honestly there is no time for myself and that’s OK, that’s not meant to be right now,” Heather revealed. “I am going to New York, I’m going back on Bethenny, I was on last week. So I’m going back on again, she does these really cool panels of a couple of women to talk about issues and I love doing that.”

“Terry is coming with me this time so we’re going to sneak away for two nights so that’s really exciting. When I do have to go do a work something we try to combine a little getaway with it because that’s all we can get!”
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