Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Marysol Patton Calls Out Lea Black For Not Reaching Out To Mama Elsa

This week's intense episode of Real Housewives of Miami featured an epic showdown between Marysol Patton and Lea Black at Alexia Echevarria's birthday party. Now, Marysol is trying to make sense of it all.
For starters, Marysol does not believe what Lea told Alexia before the party about having reached out to Marysol's mom, Elsa. "I found the meeting between Lea and Alexia regarding Lea completely ignoring the fact that mom has been at death’s door ridiculous," Marysol writes in her Bravo blog. "Lea knows the truth and that will weigh on her conscience, not mine. I don’t need to convince anyone of the truth."

Then, at the party, Marysol did not expect Lea to say what she did. "When I went to speak to Lea, I was shocked that she looked straight at me and lied," Marysol continues. "This started to get me upset, and I had no choice but to call her out. Her behavior was very odd the way she ran away, her body language was saying something very different than what was coming out of her mouth."

As you may have guessed, Marysol also did not appreciate Lisa Hochstein getting involved. "Lisa jumped into a conversation that she knew nothing about and was really pushing my buttons," she writes. "She does not know my mother, and she certainly did not know the relationship Lea had with my mother."

"Lisa also has not been by my side for 2.5 months straight to know that day after day not a note, nor a call, nor flowers were ever received by anyone in my family on behalf of Lea," Marysol adds. "My mother, father, and brother will be the first ones to tell the world that that is the honest truth."

So will we ever know for sure who is telling the truth here? We suppose we'll have to wait and see.
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