Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lea Black Launches Skincare Line
Bravo reality TV star Lea Black is no stranger to the beauty industry —her first endeavor Lea Cosmetics became an international success selling high-end skin cream and makeup on infomercials, reportedly raking in more than $2 million a year. Now she’s back in the biz with a new line, Lea Black Beauty. 

We caught up with the Texas native and “Real Housewife of Miami” to find out what we should expect from the new collection, available on

POWDER ROOM: What makes this collection different?

LEA BLACK: I never really expanded skincare to be all-inclusive like this one. Now we have everything from the wash to the moisturizer to the serum to the exfoliant.

PR: Which product is your favorite?

LB: I think the serum and moisturizer combination, because clinical studies prove that if you use the Intensive Moisture Renewal Creme ($49.95) for 48 hours, the increase in skin moisturization will be 440%. And as you know, moisturizing your skin, next to cleaning your skin, is the most important thing you can do. If it’s not moisturized, it will crack, age, weather — everything people try to avoid for as long as possible.

PR: And the serum?

LB: That does the lifting, toning, firming and tightening. But you need to moisturize. So the combo between the Advanced Anti-Aging Serum ($49.95) and the moisturizer —that keeps your skin in top condition.

PR: What sparked your interest in beauty?

LB: My grandmother always used homemade concoctions, using egg whites and aloe vera gel – and she just died 10 years ago at almost 100, and her skin was absolutely gorgeous. I just started working with those products, and went to labs and centers to develop a line … the results were extraordinary. Once my son went to school, I thought, ‘I’m going to take this skincare line to the next level.’

PR: Are there any makeup products you can’t live without?

LB: Eyebrow pencil and mascara. And then I would say lipstick and blush. I don’t wear foundation except for TV or photo shoots. That’s how good my skin is. My skin is kind of flawless. People always ask me how my skin has this glow … it kinda looks like a baby’s butt. It’s just fresh!

PR: Have you picked up any beauty tips on the ‘Real Housewives’ set?

LB: One of the girls, Joanna, always carries a big powder puff in her pocketbook. That’s a good one if you’re in front of cameras. But what I’ve noticed is, less is more. The less makeup, the more natural you look. 
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