Friday, June 13, 2014

Nicole Mauriello Talks Divorce, Twin Sister Teresa and Being An 'Independent Woman'
The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 is just a month and a half away, and with it comes brand new H'wives: twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Mauriello, plus their friend Amber Marchese

Now, Bravo has released videos introducing us to all the new ladies, to help us get ready for the new season. You can check out what Amber has to say for herself here, and below we've got Nicole's video where she talks about being a twin, coming to New Jersey, her divorce, and her current love life.

The vid opens with Nicole opening up about being a twin. She says "Teresa is my best, best friend," and warns that you "don't mess with the twins." Sounds like we can count on these two to stick together. 

We can also expect Nicole to be tough to the core. As she says, "Once you piss me off, I have to let it out. You can take the girl out of Brookyn, but not Brooklyn out of the girl."

Wait, Brooklyn? So she's not actually from Jersey? Well, no — but she's lived there for 16 years, because her old hubby was offered a job. "This is where my kids have grown up," she explains. Then she gets into her troubled relationship history. She and her husband had the big house, the cars, the near-perfect life. "But then, everything changed." 

"When I walked away from a 14 year marriage, it was the scariest feeling in the world." While she doesn't say exactly why she decided to end the marriage, she says that she had to be a "victor, not a victim." She moved back in with her parents, who look like they are fun. We always love some great H'wife relatives! 

Nicole is now an independent woman, with a high powered job as a jet broker. Plus, she has a boyfriend, Bobby, and she's hoping he's the prince she's earned after "kissing a lot of frogs," so look out for how that develops. 
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