Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mama Joyce Blames Fiancé Todd Tucker For Daughter Kandi's 30–Pound Weight Gain on "Kandi's Wedding"

Kandi Burruss’ meddling Mama Joyce was up to her usual tricks on the premiere of Bravo’s Kandi’s Wedding on Sunday night.

The reality show mom, who doesn’t want her wealthy singer daughter to marry Todd Tucker, blamed Kandi’s TV producer fiancé for letting Burruss pack on 30 pounds.

And later on The Real Housewives of Atlanta summer spinoff, Mama Joyce prodded Burruss about getting a prenup to protect her fortune. (As RadarOnline.com has previously reported, Mama Joyce also accused Tucker’s mom of being a prostitute, and his father of being a pimp.

During the first episode of Kandi’s Wedding, Burruss, 38, admitted she’d gained 30 pounds since meeting Tucker — and Mama Joyce later told Burruss’ aunts, Nora and Bertha, that Tucker shouldn’t have let her get heavy.

“To me, Todd do NOT have Kandi’s best interests at heart. Ain’t no way he would be letting Kandi gain weight the way she’s gaining weight,” Mama Joyce sniffed.

One of Burruss’ aunts pointed out that Oprah Winfrey was big — and also successful, but it didn’t cut any ice with skeptical Mama Joyce.

In another scene, Burruss said to her mother, who recently lost 40 pounds herself, “If I can get down to your size, that would be good.”

“You can,” Mama Joyce replied. “You gotta love yourself.”

Burruss smiled, “I do love myself . . . I love food, too.”

Burruss and her mother had gone weeks without talking, and she claimed not to know her daughter had set her wedding date.

“What made you decide to rush the wedding so quick?” Mama Joyce growled.

“Because I wanted that date, 4/4/14,” Burruss replied.
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