Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rest Of 'Real Housewives Of Miami' Cast Skip Lea Black's Charity Gala
It was supposed to be a time of charity and fun when Lea Black's annual gala rolled around on "The Real Housewives of Miami." But charity and fun weren't on the minds of many of the women in the cast. So it's a good thing Lea had her "all-star" celebrity friends like Lance Bass, Dennis Rodman, drag queen Elaine Lancaster, former "American Idol" Taylor Hicks, and former "Housewife" Karent Sierra. It's a good thing, because the women she shares a weekly show with weren't going to be bothered to show up.

“The Lea Black Victims Club is rolling its way to Party Ville," Marysol Patton said. "She may have a boatload of celebrities, but we have a bus full of [cocktails].” 

Lea seemed tired of the same old thing happening over and over again. "It’s a junior high group of haters," she said. "Hating the prom queen. What’d I do? Suck another lemon and join a new hate club. This one’s getting old.”

"You guys need to grow up, because it’s not about winning and losing," Alexia Echeverria told the ladies. But then, she apparently forgot to grow up herself. She flaked on the gala as well, saying that the women made her have second thoughts about it. Lea thought it was sad, because the gala's not about her -- it's about raising money for needy children.

Over at The Stir, Julie Ryan Evans seems convinced this drama was created out of nothing. "I keep waiting to see Adriana and her posse's side of things, and for my eyes to be opened to the evil of Lea Black they profess, but I don't see it," she wrote. "Much more starkly I see their jealousy and pettiness, and it's too bad they sucked Alexia into it.” Buddy TV's Gina Pusateri agreed, saying that it seemed like a collective cry for attention.
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