Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bethenny Frankel Reveals Real Reason for Split from Husband Jason Hoppy
Bethenny Frankel filed for divorce from her husband of nearly three years, Jason Hoppy, in January, and now she's explaining why. 

"Fundamental differences," she told Andy Cohen on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live." "Fundamental differences." 

Frankel, 42, and Hoppy have a 3-year-old daughter, Bryn. The reality star-turned-talk show host told ABC's "Nightline" that the ongoing divorce has been "a brutal, brutal time," and that she's "definitely bruised."
And it's not over. 

When Cohen asked her if she and Hoppy still share their downtown Manhattan apartment, Frankel grew flustered. 

"I can't really comment," she said, "[But] you see us coming in and out of the apartment." 

Now she's turning her attention to her nationally-syndicated daytime talk show, "Bethenny," which premiered earlier this week. The job, she said, has been a welcome distraction. 

"I don't know how men operate in this way, but I have gained so much respect for women and how they can endure so many different things: being a mom and getting their kids to school and going to work and dealing with personal issues," she said. "You don't get more than you can take and you keep moving and you prioritize." 

While touring the country to drum up support for the show, she also said that she had the opportunity to meet women with all sorts of problems, and it helped put hers into perspective. 

"I'm so lucky, I'm so blessed," she said. "You just say, 'I'm gonna come out on the other side, and I'm gonna realize why all this happened.'"