Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where Are They Now: Former 'Real Housewives Of Orange County'

Do you watch a classic TV show or listen to an old song and wonder, "what happened to that person?" Welcome to Where Are They Now, an Ology feature dedicated to finding out what happened to some of Hollywood's former bright stars. This week, we search the web to find out about the former wealthy women of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Jo De La Rosa

Viewers remember De La Rosa as the non-traditional housewife. During her time in Orange County, the twenty-something tried to pursue a music career while becoming a pseudo wife for her then boyfriend Slade Smiley. After two seasons she finally moved out to Los Angeles, leaving the drama in Coto de Caza. Well, kind of. Current housewife Gretchen Rossi started dating Smiley, which upset De La Rosa. She turned that anger in music, and released her first album Unscripted in 2008. She promised a second album in 2010, but it looks like no one really wanted it.

Lauri Waring Peterson

Each season meant a different economic standing for this former housewife. At the end of season three, Peterson finally found happiness (and wealth) when she married George Peterson. Sadly, her picture perfect life has had some smudges. In July 2010, police arrested Peterson's son Josh after he violated his probation for possession of narcotics. In 2011, her husband's ex-wife released a video accusing him of abuse and theft. Maybe it's a good thing she got off the camera.

Jeana Keough

If you didn't pay close attention to the series, you'd think Keough was still part of the cast. Even though she left the series in season five, she continues to show up at parties (and piss off Tamra Barney). She will continue to appear on the show, but only when she's not showing houses as a real estate agent.

Lynne Curtin

Who didn't love this ditzy housewife? Unfortunately, her husband's legal issues made them a liability and the family left the show during the sixth season. Curtin managed to pick up the pieces, launching her jewelry line in 2011. She continues to sell custom made accessories, as well as bedding, belts and hand bags. No word on whether her daughters are still out of control, but it's safe to assume yes.

Peggy Tanous

Last season viewers fell in love with Tanous' honesty and humor. Sadly she decided to leave the show after one year, worrying it would take too much time away from her family. According to her website, the mom of two has tried to get back in the modeling game, but that may be hard after leaving the industry for so many years. Here's hoping Heather Dubrow is just as entertaining.