Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Porsha Williams Spills Her Version Of Why NeNe Leakes Didn't Fight Back Against Marlo Hampton

Ummm, it's actually called Marlo Hampton having an extensive arrest receord and NeNe Leakes knowing damn well whose face she can get in (without getting her ass kicked) and whose she can't:
While we watched Marlo Hampton completely lose it on NeNe Leakes on last night’s February 23 episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta — calling her former bestie “dumb as f—,” “insecure,” and even dissing her hair — Mrs. Leakes refused to lash back. It seemed really unlike the OG Atlanta lady to not take her verbal shots when she had the chance, but apparently there was a very good reason.

On last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen grilled NeNe’s RHoA co-star Porsha Williams on why the Glee star didn’t stop walking away, turn around, and take Marlo down. 

Andy had his own theory on the situation. “I think NeNe left because she did not want to get in her face,” he muses. “She was trying to stop herself.”

But Porsha has a little behind the scenes scoop that better explains why Linnethia didn’t retaliate on the Friend of the Housewives. 

“Marlo was just viciously coming after her. I think NeNe didn’t want to go there maybe because her son was in that park, too. What you didn’t see was Brentt was standing right there to the side,” Porsha reveals. 

Ah, it all makes sense now! We know that family has always come first for NeNe, and we can imagine she would never want her impressionable 15-year-old son to see his mother act a fool. Come to think of it, Marlo should probably be thanking Brentt right about now...
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