Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kenya Moore Calls Out Christopher Williams for Violent Past, Claims He Hit Halle Berry
Right after NeNe Leakes’s party went from pillow talk to pounding fists in the January 26 episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, there was just debate over whether Christopher Williams actually put his hands on Kenya Moore. The twirling diva maintained that he had grabbed her arm, while NeNe said otherwise. Upon further viewing, it was determined that he had in fact done as much. And in an explosive new interview, Kenya reveals that this isn’t Christopher’s first instance of abuse against women.  

The controversial Housewife spoke with HelloBeautiful this week, in the wake of the wild pajama party brawl, and in the interview, she claims that Chris has a violent side to him. 

“He’s unpredictable,” Kenya says of his behavior during the fight. “I didn’t know what he planned on doing. I didn’t know what was in his hand. He just had this nervous energy, like he was preparing for battle. He was sipping something and putting it down, talking to the floor and then said something like, ‘Yeah, I know what’s about to go down.’” 

And that wasn’t all. The former Miss USA went on to imply that he seemed like was on some sort of substance during the brawl. “You can just go to any YouTube video and see the tweaking and facial muscles twitching and the skin and all that. You can decide for yourself what he’s been up to,” she hints.

However, by far, Kenya’s most shocking allegation is that Chris — who has a romantic history with a number of actresses, such as Stacey Dash — was the rumored boyfriend to have hit Halle Berry back in the ‘90s (Halle never clarified by name who her abuser was).  

“He was said to have been hitting Halle Berry,” Kenya says. “He came out and said he doesn’t do those things. Find the article where she said it was not Wesley [Snipes]. You do that math. He’s known for violence. He lost his deal because of his temper and violence, so that speaks for itself.” 
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