Friday, February 14, 2014

Kenya Moore Sparks Heated Argument Between NeNe Leakes & Peter Thomas
NeNe Leakes’ on-going feud with rival Kenya Moore has ignited a massive argument with an unlikely co-star.

In a preview for Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya is shown planning a grand masquerade ball and extends the olive branch by anointing NeNe as the guest of honor.

However, her event is sent into a tailspin when she learns that NeNe may not even show up!

Of course, when NeNe finally does arrive, she’s not exactly happy to be there.

“Against my will, I went on to the event,” NeNe tells the Bravo cameras.

Tempers quickly flare when Cynthia Bailey’s husband Peter confronts NeNe about her late arrival and bad attitude.

“What you are doing is trying to put this s— on me!” NeNe shouts at him in the clip.

“There was not one time that Kenya called me and gave me any information.”

Peter protests: “I couldn’t give a f—, to be honest with you!”
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