Monday, December 16, 2013

Yolanda Foster Says Joyce Giraud "Drank the Richards Sisters' Kool-Aid"
There was a lot of drama on this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills between Yolanda Foster and Kyle Richards. And Yolanda feels that Joyce Giraud was too quick to side with Kyle in their dispute. 

"Joyce is a gorgeous, smart, and bubbly beauty queen, but we have not had the opportunity to get to know each other," Yolanda writes in her Bravo blog. "Prior to this trip, we met for a total of ten minutes, and I’ve never had an in-depth one-on-one conversation with her, so I was quite surprised to see her already so influenced by Kyle."

"Seeing [this week's] episode, she clearly drank the Richards sisters’ Kool-Aid," Yolanda writes. Yolanda adds that Kyle wanted to befriend Joyce because "Kyle has obviously burned her bridges with everyone [else] in this group."

Yolanda acknowledges that Kyle must have misinterpreted what she said in Paris. "My honesty and directness are not very diplomatic, and my words are often taken with a different intention than how they were spoken," she says. "I would like to learn from my mistakes if I make one, so I would have loved to hear Kyle’s perception of our conversation in Paris rather than 'agree to disagree,' but I guess it is the easier way out."

Yolanda also addresses Brandi's remark about Joyce being black. "Brandi's racial comment was uncalled for," Yolanda says. "The bigger picture here is that sadly nobody wanted to get in the pool because they are so critical of themselves and competing with each other. They don't want to mess up their hair and makeup and expose who and what they really are."
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