Friday, December 6, 2013

Brandi Glanville Claims That She Want To End Feud With Leann Rimes
Brandi Glanville may be best known as the loud-mouthed, combative single mom on the popular “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” but there’s much more to this 41-year-old former model than meets the eye.

Just don’t call her a brand.

“I hate that word because people say it all the time and you hear people say ‘protecting my brand,’ but it is like you’re protecting yourself. I am honestly just trying to do things that will be for the long run even after the reality TV world has come to an end,” Glanville told FOX411.

“My long-term goals are to buy a house for the kids; we are still renting. I want to secure a financial future for us. My kids are going to start private school soon.”

Glanville, of course, has two children with former husband Eddie Cibrian – who left her in 2009 for Leann Rimes – and while the war of words between mom and stepmom has been the subject of much media fodder, Glanville says she hopes to have a civil, amicable relationship with the country music star one day.

“I really want that. I don’t want all this crap to go on forever, for my kids’ sake, too. For the first time in a while I sat down the other day at parent-teacher conferences and we all got along. It was easy and it made me feel there was hope,” she said. “I don’t see us sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner, but I want to get along with them and to negotiate easily.”

But for the time being, Glanville – who boasts almost half a million twitter followers, an estimated net worth of around $1 million and earns a reported $175,000 per season on the hit Bravo show – is planning to turn that million into multi. She has a still very secretive smartphone app based on her book that she is preparing to launch, an online store with T-shirts that’s also about to bow, and she is the part-owner and star of a new podcast alongside the likes of Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew.

“I’ve been asked to do different business ventures, like through skincare and this and that, and they will send me the products. But I have turned down a lot of money because I didn’t believe in the stuff they sent me,” Glanville noted. “I am honest and I want to believe in anything I promote.”
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