Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kim Richards Slams Lisa Vanderpump: Now That I’m Sober I See She Was Never My Friend

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star opened up to Bethenny Frankel about the drama on the West Coast and said that now that she is feeling better she knows who her real friends on the show are, and the British Diva isn’t on that list.

“I don’t think the audience has seen really Lisa’s stuff yet,” Kyle Richards’ sister told the talk show host.

“I think that as the season unfolds they will see really what Lisa has done to some of us. I think Lisa has a way about her where she comes off very sweet and kind to all of us. If she is really my friend then she would come to me off camera and say to me, call me and say to me, ‘I’m here for you.’ Be a friend but instead she would do it on camera and come to me on camera, ‘Let’s talk about things.’

“It’s like, ‘Lisa, I don’t want to talk about things , pretty bad night for me alright, seriously.’ ‘Seriously, darling if you want to talk about things.’ Cameras rolling everybody, fans to see. I think is she really my friend? Is Lisa my friend?”
Kim made the brave decision to enter rehab to deal with her issues and getting sober helped open her eyes.

“But when I wasn’t well I couldn’t decipher and all of a sudden I am getting more well and I am like hey, wait a minute, girlfriend you are not my friend. I so see what you are doing. She’s letting the audience think she’s my friend when clearly she was just dragging all my stuff out for the world to see more and more.
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