Friday, September 24, 2010

'Real Housewives Of D.C.' Recap: 'It was Awkward and Horrible'
Cat has finished Inbox Full (in tv time, in real life the book won't be out until December). It's interesting to hear Cat say that her marriage with Charles "not all as rosy and sparkly as it may seem" with the revelation of her recent divorce (two months after filming ended). It would be difficult, as Charles's schedule is so crazy that he only has hours in DC at a time.

Speaking of crazy, Michaele is talking about being a Redskins cheerleader again, which is completely unconfirmed. It's an enticing mystery, as Michaele seems to know some of these women at the former cheerleader event. She doesn't seem to know the routine, though. We learned on Watch What Happens Live that the Redskins Organization has confirmed that they have no record of Michaele being a cheerleader. You can buy your way into the alumni association.

Meanwhile, Stacie hosts a party for some of the Housewives (Cat, Mary, Lynda, plus Erika) and their kids. Erika calls Cat mean and pretends to strangle her in that way that's "a joke" but not really a joke at all. Erika's son asks "who's the oldest mommy?" and stupidly, the mothers have them guess. Gew. But the ladies have better things to do than feel old, they need to discuss Michaele's pathological lying, and gay marriage. Mary brings it up, so it turns out she does like to talk about people.

Mary mentions that Lolly quit her job because she was miserable and Stacie brings up that if you had rent to pay you wouldn't do that (Lolly lives at home). The barbs are out tonight!