Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lydia McLaughlin Announces Return To ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’
Lydia McLaughlin decided to leave The Real Housewives of Orange County behind after a single season, because the show was too much for her. Lydia was shocked at the amount of drama that went on while filming, and during the reunion special for that season, she walked off the set. And while she later announced that the entire McLaughlin family would not be returning, she’s now changing her mind. Maybe Bravo came with a great offer for her, because she’s now returning to the show. According to a new Instagram post, Lydia McLaughlin is now revealing that she’ll be back on The Real Housewives Of Orange County.

“I’m back #RHOC #BTS,” Lydia revealed on an Instagram post, using both the official Real Housewives of Orange County hashtag and adding the hashtag “be there soon.”

In the picture, Lydia is getting her hair done, and it is possible that she’s getting ready to film. And it would make sense, as the upcoming season is close to getting started.

Based on her replies to the post, many people are excited about her return, as one person wrote, “I’m so excited! Been waiting for your return ever since you left! Wish you all the best.”
So what has McLaughlin been up to since leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County? She’s written a book, Beyond Orange County: A Housewives Guide to Faith and Happiness, and McLaughlin had a third baby, baby Roman. Even when she was writing the book, McLaughlin knew that it was time to walk away from the show. In her book, she reveals what made her walk away from Bravo.

“When I was asked back to do season 9, I wanted to do it. Being on the show was everything the world tells us to desire and it was what I desired,” Lydia McLaughlin writes in her book, according to E! Online. “But deep, deep down—so quiet I could almost silence it—I knew in my heart it was not God’s plan for me to go back. I knew God was calling me to walk away from the show.”

What can Lydia expect when she returns to The Real Housewives of Orange County this season?

Apparently, McLaughlin hasn’t been watching the show since she left, which means she may be on neutral grounds when it comes to Brooks Ayers’ cancer scandal and Vicki Gunvalson’s involvement. Vicki and McLaughlin were never best friends, but Lydia’s mother was disrespected by Briana’s husband, Ryan, after she had put her feet up on the couch during a party. McLaughlin was heartbroken, and she admits that she didn’t watch the show after leaving it behind.
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