Monday, February 8, 2016

Amber Marchese's Husband James To Write Tell-All Book On ‘Real Housewives’
James Marchese may not be filming the newest season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but he isn’t done with the franchise just yet. James and his wife Amber Marchese have been very vocal about why the franchise could survive without Teresa Giudice, and why the show should continue without a convicted criminal. But Bravo decided to put the show on hold, and decided to focus on Teresa’s release. According to a new tweet, James Marchese is now writing a book about the entire Real Housewives experience. 

Not much is known about the book, but after asking James online about the possible title and estimated release date, he simply wrote, “late release scheduled.”

It is unknown what the book will be about, but one can imagine that he will write about his personal experiences on the show, about Bravo’s decision to focus on a criminal - Teresa Giudice - and how the show may have been better if they had followed real wives, like Amber.

One of his Twitter followers with the handle @annsaidwhat has read some of the excerpts from the book and she is shocked at what she’s reading.
“After reading 3 excerpts of James Marchese book, I've still got the latest ep of #RHOBH on DVR...I just can't enjoy the hw's shows anymore,” Reality Spare Time wrote about the book,” adding, “Reality TV is going to be brought to its knees thx to James Marchese... No matter though, it's been a long time coming since I've been DONE.”
As slimy as this guy was on 'RHONJ' and considering his wife was only on the show for one season, does he really expect anyone to believe what he has to say about 'Real Hosuewives'? I'd get Danielle Staub's upcoming book instead.

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