Monday, February 1, 2016

Gizelle Bryant Admits That She Can Stir the Pot, Talks Ex's Infidelities
Only two episodes of The Real Housewives of Potomac have aired so far, but already the drama is getting hotter than the water inside a crab boil pot. And the woman at the center of much of it is Gizelle Bryant.

However, Gizelle has an explanation for why she seems to have ruffled the feathers of nearly all of her cast members this season. The Daily Dish recently caught up with Gizelle to talk about her early confrontations with her RHOP castmates, Potomac etiquette, and her surprising thoughts about her "THOT-ish" comment.

You've gotten into some drama with a few of your RHOP castmates already. Why do you think that is?
Gizelle Bryant: Who, me? You know, I am — and the other ladies as well — we're all extremely opinionated, and we stand by our opinion fiercely. So you know, it's a little bit of holding my own to Karen [Huger], holding my own to Charrisse [Jackson Jordan] and being highly opinionated about what I feel is right and what happened. I think that right now what we have seen thus far is just a little bit of miscommunication on everyone's part. So hopefully, we can get past it sooner rather than later.

Would you consider yourself hard to get along with or a little bit of a troublemaker?
We've all been asked together who's the troublemaker, and they all pointed to me, which was not nice and poor etiquette. But I can say that I might. I might stir the pot every now and again, yes. I have to admit, yes, every now and again. But when I say I stir the pot, I try to orchestrate situations in which there is a problem, it can be resolved. So if you want to call that stirring the pot, then I'm gonna get a big spoon, and I'm gonna get to stirring.

You tried to apologize to Charrisse and Karen when you sat down with them at that lunch, but were you surprised at how they reacted and how poorly the whole thing went?
Was I surprised? Are you kidding me? Had I known that it would have gone so horribly so fast, I would have never done it. It was like the worst of all situations. First of all, I didn't think they were going to come in upset. I thought they were going to come in, you know, not necessarily happy, but at least on an even playing field. They came in mad. So I was trying to dig myself out of a hole that I didn't even know I was in. And it was difficult, but it allowed me to understand where they were, which was the only thing that came out of the whole thing. I understood at least where they were. And I did apologize, so guess what? Never doing it again. I'm gonna do it once. Not doing it again.

So when they came in angry, did you think that there was any chance of them being open to hearing your apology?
No, no, because I know these ladies. I thought, you know, we'd have a couple sips of wine and we would be talking about the latest nail polish and makeup tips. I really felt like we were gonna get to a good place quickly after we drank some wine. They didn't even wanna order wine. They just wanted to get straight to it. And no, by no means did I think after they came in and I saw the expressions on their face à la Sour Patch Kids, I knew nothing was going to be accomplished.
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