Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Faye Resnick's Presence Is Now Threatening Kyle & Lisa's Friendship
Faye Resnick is having such a pop culture moment that she barely even spoke on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight, and yet, she seemed to be all people could talk about. And now it seems the rejuvenated relationship Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump have been enjoying post-Brandi Glanville may not be strong enough to withstand her persistent presence.

As you'll recall from last week's reminder, Vanderpump is still miffed over Faye's BS from 2012—but don't you dare accuse her of holding a grudge!—and she made sure Kyle knew it over a cup of her patented tea-with-only-as-much-sugar-as-she'll-allow. So hospitable!

"You could've said to me, ‘I'm having a dinner and Faye Resnick's going to be there. I'm letting that orangutan out of its cage,'" Vanderpump told her friend, remaining ever the diplomat. 

"That is really rude," Kyle replied. "I don't like her," Lisa shot back. 

What better time to co-host a joint wedding anniversary party and invite Faye along! And hey, why not include Kathryn Edwards in the mix and force her into another conversation about Faye? That should make for a real great time.

And so Kyle and Lisa gathered all the women on the show in a hotel in downtown Culver City (that someone on the show must have invested in because there's no way these women voluntarily drove there from Beverly Hills) and forced them to dress in corsets and fishnets like French prostitutes (except Yolanda Foster who had the good sense to use her illness to get out of this one). Once the party kicked off, with old friends Camille Grammer and Taylor Armstrong in tow—Sorry, Adrienne Maloof! Maybe your invite got lost in the mail!—Kyle subjected her audience friends to her annual reminder that she can do a full split, which we think means six more weeks of winter since it aired on Groundhog Day.
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