Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lisa Rinna Apologizes To Yolanda Foster For Doubting Her Lyme Disease
That's right: Episodes in the making, this week saw Rinna finally sit down with Foster and admit, in perhaps the most remote terms possible, that she had "engaged" in "outside chatter" about Foster's behavior while battling Lyme disease.

Specifically: Were Foster's Instagram posts appropriate for a sick person? Was Foster even really sick with Lyme disease?

Rinna, who met Foster at her home for their clear-the-air conversation, mentioned that this "chatter" also included talk of Munchausen syndrome, which Foster knew nothing about.

She was baffled! And told the camera that she had never even heard that word before, let alone become familiar with the diagnosis. It was of course all nonsense.

And so Rinna, who said she was "not super comfortable" around Foster, apologized to her about participating in the Lyme disease discussions without ever once clearly admitting that she had actively brought it up in previous episodes. That felt like a cop-out designed to create more drama.

But not in Rinna's eyes. At a joint anniversary party for Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump, Rinna said she felt as though the two had talked things through and were now moving on from a place of mutual understanding. 

Foster, speaking to Erika Girardi early in the episode, had a different take.

Calling Rinna "despicable," she wondered rhetorically, "Who in the world has three years to fake being sick?"
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