Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lisa Vanderpump Talks Explosive "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 5 Trailer and Getting Slapped
Speaking about the slap! Lisa Vanderpump opened up to Us Weekly about the explosive Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season five trailer released earlier this week, which features her getting slapped by an as-yet-unrevealed foe.

"I mean, obviously that's the point of a trailer," the British restauranteur told Us at her Pop Culture Living Collection launch held at PUMP Lounge on Thursday, Nov. 6. "To say 'watch the season and take the moments,' but there were many moments," she mused.

"I don't know how they made that trailer, actually, because there were so many good moments," she teased of the upcoming season which includes the addition of two new Housewives Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. "There were a couple 'oh my God!' moments that changed the dynamic. I think that's what a trailer is: Bam, that happened, and bam! This happens and it changes the dynamic in the group."

As seen in the shocking preview unveiled exclusively by Us on Monday, Brandi Glanville and Davidson, an Emmy-winning Days of Our Lives actress, immediately run into issues. Other newcomer and soap alum Rinna throws a wine glass on the floor during a (you guessed it!) dinner party. But, the most jaw-dropping moment witnessed in the clip is when Vanderpump is slapped by a mysterious person.

"You saw a big moment with Lisa Rinna, you saw a couple of big moments with me," Vanderpump told Us Thursday. "There are also poignant moments in there. There are friendships that have been rebuilt that last year, there was no hope for."
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