Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kenya Moore ‘Disheartened’ That Porsha Williams Won’t Apologize for Reunion Attack
Kenya Moore is coming to terms with the fact that she may never receive an apology from Porsha Williams.

After being dragged by the hair by Porsha during the season 6 reunion show, Bravo executive Andy Cohen advised Porsha to apologize to Kenya. However, Porsha has yet to say, “I’m sorry,” and she vowed that she never would.

“Will and apology ever come out of my mouth?” No,” said Porsha during the season 7 premiere.

Kenya, who denies she had anything to do with Porsha’s demotion on the show, found it disheartening that Porsha would refuse to extend an apology for the violence.

“Regardless of how anyone feels about me, there is a hard line between right and wrong. One should never condone violence and a physical attack should never be a response to a verbal one,” Kenya wrote on her blog. “Hearing anyone say that they will never apologize for a criminal act is disheartening. Even if one felt justified or provoked.”

Indeed, many “RHOA” fans have argued that Kenya did provoke Porsha’s attack by insulting the “Dish Nation” co-host using a bullhorn. However, Kenya said that despite any provocation, Porsha made a choice to react in violence.

“It comes down to a choice to walk a way or to succumb to anger and attack,” said Kenya.

While many have criticized her for starting drama and then complaining about personal attacks made toward her, Kenya said she’s “never played a victim.”

Referencing Porsha’s grandfather, who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., during the Civil Rights Era, Kenya said she’ll continue to practice nonviolence on the show.

“I will continue to take my cues from Martin Luther King and Hosea Williams, the late grandfather of Porsha Williams, who at times protested with him,” she wrote. “All who were often times spat on, kicked, beaten, hosed, and tormented, yet, they vowed to never to resort to violence nor raised a hand to others.
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