Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cynthia Bailey Slams Porsha Williams: “Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth!”
It’s no surprise Porsha Williams is at odds with Cynthia Bailey, considering she has a “little sis-big sis” relationship with Cynthia’s recent ex-pal, NeNe Leakes, and Cynthia has been hanging out with Porsha’s foe, Kenya Moore. However, the image of these two really getting into it in a sneak peek of the November 23 episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta is still quite jarring!
Who knew Cyn had it in her? The supermodel is definitely showing a new, more confrontational side of herself in Season 7, and this clip proves that it’s here to stay. While we’re not sure what exactly prompts the tiff, we can tell that both ladies are riled up. Cynthia — looking like an old timey reporter in a pageboy cap and thick-rimmed glasses — first raises her voice to the recently-demoted Porsha while the two are sharing a meal. 

“You say something crazy about me, I’m gonna say something crazy about you,” she asserts, as Porsha talks over her, “If you aren’t thinking about me, why are you commenting?” To that, Cynthia replies, “You keep my name out your mouth, I’ll keep your name out my mouth,” and Porsha fires back, “That’s very childish.” 

Then, sounding eerily similar to her former Miss USA pal, Cynthia spits, “Do not come for me.” ...Unless I come for you? Isn’t that how it goes?

To be fair, Porsha also reuses a familiar term or two (coined by the aforementioned NeNe). “Flip-flopper, you’re two-faced! Go ahead and turn around so I can see your other face!” Porsha says about her co-star to the Bravo cameras.

Along with that fight over apparent gossip, this Episode 3 will also bring us Kenya’s beloved aunt (and the woman Andy Cohen calls RHoA’s “moral compass”), who tells her it’s “very important to forgive everyone.” Phaedra Parks? NeNe? We can’t wait to find out who will be receiving this forgiveness.

Then we have Porsha and NeNe discussing new Housewife Claudia Jordan — which, of course, turns to some shade-throwing courtesy of NeNe. “The thirst is real,” the soon-to-be Broadway star quips.

And finally, there’s Phaedra finding out from Kandi Burruss that Apollo Nida apologized to Kenya for lying about their rumored tryst. Boy does she look shocked. Cut to: Apollo at the lawyer’s office apparently going through with his divorce threats from the premiere!
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