Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cynthia Bailey Rocks Ebola Mask...Because She Can

It’s not very often — read: never — that we are talking about matters of international health at the same time as Real Housewives of Atlanta, but this is the week where those two unlikely subjects crossed paths. And it all has to do with Cynthia Bailey (and Kandi Burruss) receiving flak for wearing face masks on a plane to the cast trip in the Philippines.

If you remember, last week we were telling you about how the two Atlanta Housewives opted to wear the face covers to presumably prevent against Ebola. The only problem? As many a fan on social media pointed out, the virus is said to only be transferred between bodily fluids and is not airborne. 

Well, even overseas in Asia, Cynthia became aware of the fan negative reaction, and she took the opportunity to respond to those comments when the TMZ cameras caught her leaving the airport in Atlanta. (Side note: Check out hubby Peter Thomas playing it totally cool in the background!)

According to the supermodel, there’s no clear understanding of this virus just yet, so she was going to hedge her bets the best she could. “They’re still figuring this Ebola thing out,” Cyn explained, adding, “So I didn’t want to take any chances. Plus, I actually was kind of sick with a cold and I didn’t want to get the person next to me sick.”

That person next to her was likely one of her castmates, so good of her to keep her germs to herself! Also, even if you still don’t agree with Cynthia’s reasoning, she stressed that wearing the protector was a personal decision and not for anyone else.

“To each his own,” the ATL gal stated. “If I want to wear a mask, I can wear a mask! I wasn’t really trying to make a big statement to the world, I just wanted to do me.”
Now if Porsha pulled a stunt like this we'd have to understand...because well she's Porsha. But Cynthia, really?!?

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