Friday, November 7, 2014

Dina Manzo Says "Real Housewives of New Jersey" Is "So F—ked Up"
Teresa Giudice is over it. Over. It. Seriously, Andy Cohen should have turned part 2 of this reunion into a Watch What Happens Live! drinking game by inviting viewers to take a shot every time Teresa rolls her eyes.

In spite of Teresa's silent 'tude, Andy presses forward with questions about her impending prison sentence. And her answers aren't anything we haven't heard before: "I didn't understand my plea deal" and "No one has to feel bad for me," etc. (Bravo may as well have put a cardboard cutout of Teresa on the couch and played pre-recorded sound bites.)

Andy's pressing questions to elicit one bit of drama, courtesy of Teresa's brother, Joe Gorga. Andy asks if he blames Teresa's husband, Joe Giudice, for his sister’s upcoming imprisonment. After an extremely long pause, Joe Gorga replies (without sounding too convincing), "I don't know. Do I blame him? It happened. I'm not blaming anybody."

From here on out, the House-husbands take center stage. Teresa Aprea clarifies Jim Marchese's off-the-cuff comment from the Boca Raton trip that Aprea's husband Rino was "banging" a Russian stripper. Turns out, Rino did indeed date a stripper — after his divorce from Teresa and before they remarried. "Rino did not cheat," Teresa says emphatically.

Next up, it's Teresa Aprea's twin sister, Nicole Napolitano, in the hot seat. She confirms she's still living with her parents and still not engaged to boyfriend of nearly two years, Bobby Ciasulli. The conversation brings to mind Dina Manzo's concerns from earlier this season: "I don't think Bobby's with her for the right reasons," she said during the Boca Raton trip. "So I'm hoping it turns out that he really does love her, but I’m thinking he may be using her to get closer to the cool kids."

Dina may have been on to something, according to Jim. Determined to bring down his ex best friend, Jim claims that Bobby is only dating Nicole in order to be featured on the series. "He wanted to be on the show," Jim says. "He would have done anything to be on the show." Amber piles on, saying that before Nicole signed on to Housewives, Bobby "was waiting for the contracts to come in. And if the contracts weren't coming in, he was hightailing it out of there."

Then, flouting Andy's no-props-at-the-reunion-rule, Jim pulls out photos of Bobby through the years: There's Bobby meeting Teresa Giudice at her book signing; there's Bobby meeting Melissa Gorga. There's also a photo of Bobby with Jacqueline Laurita. "Fame whore!" Jim exclaims.

Bobby insists he's not a super-fan, but he just so happened to show up at Barnes and Noble one day when Teresa was signing books. And he just so happened to show up at the same restaurant where Melissa was dining one day. "I did not go seeking anybody out like a moron," Bobby shoots back through his blindingly white teeth.

Dina can't believe the pettiness unfolding before her. "This show," she says, "is so f—ked up."

Part 3 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion airs November 11 at 8 p.m. 
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