Friday, August 29, 2014

Tamra Barney Apologizes To Alexis Bellino, But Alexis Doesn't Believe It's Sincere
Tamra Judge had an epiphany on The Real Housewives of Orange County last week after she was confronted by most of her co-stars during dinner in Bali.
And, because of it she apologized to former cast member Alexis Bellino. Now, only, RumorFix has Alexis’ reaction.

Tamra said the attack by the women reminded her of a trip she, Alexis and other other girls took to Costa Rica where Alexis was called fake and a show off.

At that time, Alexis left the table and was crying in her room. “I want to publicly apologize to Alexis for being any part of that night,” Tamra wrote. “I had no idea how bad it hurt to have so many people coming at you like that while being so far from home. But now I do and have learned so much. Like that saying goes — ‘karma is a bitch!’

In a statement to RumorFix,  Alexis says, “Thank you for your apology, Tamra. I forgave you long ago. Next time maybe pick up the phone instead of doing it publicly, which feels more for attention than sincerity.”
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