Wednesday, August 6, 2014

LuAnn de Lesseps On Ramona Singer's Marital Problems: 'Karma's A B*tch!'
Ding! Ding! Round two!

The drama-packed season of the Real Housewives of New York isn’t over yet, as the ladies continued to battle it out during part two of the reunion special in the Big Apple.

In the first corner were Aviva Drescher and Carole Radziwill, who argued over whether or not the other hired a ghostwriter.
Aviva told host Andy Cohen that she did not hire a ghostwriter to help write her novel, but instead opted for a team of people.

“There are real writers who hire colleagues and writers to help them write their books,” she said. “Real writers use someone to help them.”

When Andy told Aviva that Carole felt she was slandering her career and hurting her livelihood by spreading a rumor that she hired a ghostwriter, Aviva responded, “I was sitting there at lunch with Carole, she said, ‘Did you use a ghost writer?’ I said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Did you?’ She said, ‘No.’ I believed her.

“For me it was done. We got to my housewarming party and it escalated to this whole big thing. She pounded her chest and slammed her feet, ‘I didn’t use a ghostwriter!’”

Carole fired back, “What show do you watch?”

Aviva continued, “I will give you the first 10 times, but at time number 12 it seemed like she was just protesting too much. When someone falsely accuses you of something, if it’s not true, you say no and move on.”

Carole then said, “She said she did it on her own, although she changed her story when she told Heather that she had her own team. I thought that ended it there and I thought, that was weird.”

Aviva cut her off and said, “Use your vocabulary writer girl! Weird? The writers I look up to use descriptive words … you’re not that important of a writer that anybody even gives a sh*t who wrote your book.”

LuAnn De Lesseps and Sonja Morgan’s constant tension throughout the season finally hit its’ peak during the reunion, as the ladies held nothing back when talking about their disagreements.

During their trip to Montana, LuAnn fought with Sonja for not sticking up for her when her facialist shared rumors about LuAnn’s sex life. After their fight, Sonja said about LuAnn, “You lie down with pigs, you’re a pig.”

LuAnn began the discussion, “She just hasn’t been nice to me. She hasn’t been a real friend to me… I just feel like you haven’t been there for me.”

Sonja responded, “The lying with pigs comment was about that I wasn’t going to get involved with rumors.”
Regardless of Sonja’s defense, LuAnn screamed, “I don’t trust you!”

Andy also brought up the season finale episode, when the newly-single LuAnn left Carole’s birthday bash with Sonja’s then-boyfriend Harry Dubin.

“Harry and I left together with Heather and John and a whole group of people,” LuAnn said.

Sonja fired back, “Nobody else was in the taxi … you and Harry left together! I came to an agreement with her and when I spoke to Harry he also confirmed, nothing happened but wish it had.”

“Of course he wish it had, he still calls me today!” LuAnn said.
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