Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NeNe Leakes Slams Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore; Speaks on Her Time on RHoA: "My Life Has Changed For the Better"
It comes as no surprise to us that NeNe Leakes’ life is pretty darn fabulous, and it seems things are only getting better for the outspoken star.

The 47-year-old mother of two, who graces the cover of September’s Pose Magazine, reveals that her days on Real Housewives of Atlanta have helped her mature into the strong woman she is today. 

“Over the years, I feel I have grown for the best,” reveals NeNe. “I have grown as an adult. I am older and wiser. I know so much more now that I didn’t know when I came into this world. I feel I have gotten better. I feel my life has changed for the better.” 

While NeNe may be maturing with each passing season, she still has plenty of detractors. However, the reality star says that those who only see her bad side simply don’t know the real her. 

“I think people misunderstand,” says Nene, adding that her feud with co-star Cynthia Bailey has been hyped up for the cameras. “I don’t go out a lot. I am very private. I am really chill. I understand why the girls on the show are made to come after me. I am the original.”

As for her insistence upon speaking her mind, NeNe says that she’s trying hard to curb her combative instincts. 

“My husband is always like, ‘you don’t need to say that,’ or ‘you don’t need to be that real about it.’ I’m like, okay, maybe he’s right. I’m going to do much better from now on. I am really working on it.” 
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