Monday, August 18, 2014

Amber Marchese Doesn't Back Off Claim That Nicole Napolitano Is a Homewrecker
Time for a cocktail! The feud between Real Housewives of New Jersey's Amber Marchese and Nicole Napolitano is far from over. Marchese has responded exclusively to Us Weekly about Napolitano's latest claims, still insisting that Napolitano once broke up a marriage.

"I know Nicole's position now is that [her boyfriend] was separated, but this is simply not true," Marchese explains to Us, in regards to Napolitano's remarks. "Interesting that when confronted with the 'rumors' she did not simply make this claim. Instead she was outraged and acted like an animal."

As seen on RHONJ last month, Marchese made claims about Napolitano's past to costar Melissa Gorga. When Napolitano learned that Marchese called her a homewrecker, she (in front of twin sister Teresa Aprea and other witnesses) got into a scuffle with Marchese at what was supposed to be a friendly party.

"Nicole was fully aware that he was with his wife and that she was having an affair! I believe her embarrassment is causing her to rewrite history," Marchese adds to Us. In fact, the Bravo newcomer alleges that there are "three unavoidable facts" to prove that Napolitano hasn't been telling the truth.

"One, he was married and living with his wife when Nicole began the affair. Two, he moved out because of the affair and has moved back in with his wife now that the affair is over. They were not separated or divorced as court records show no filings by either party. Three, [his wife] no longer speaks to her friend who first introduced Nicole to her husband because of the hurt she caused their families."

"I normally would not give this issue the time of day, but [have because of] Nicole and Teresa's physical assault on me and constant attacks on my character. Nicole and Teresa cannot go around physically harming people and breaking up other’s marriages and pretend to be self-righteous," Marchese continued. "I do not judge her for her actions, I leave that to a higher power."

As for Napolitano, she's hurt about the entire ordeal. "From the beginning, I thought Amber and I were friends so I was hurt that she would say this about me," told Us earlier today. "There was nothing for her to gain by making up something like this."
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